Dedicated to you

Shirma Rouse & Kim Hoorweg met de nieuwe CD Dedicated To You
link 1. I'm Beginning To See The Light (featuring: Benjamin Herman)
(Duke Ellington, Don George, Johnny Hodges & Harry James)
link 2. Jackson (featuring: Dusty Ciggaar)
(Jerry Leiber & Billy Edd Wheeler)
link 3. China Boy
(Phil Boutelje & Dick Winfree)
link 4. Dedicated To You
(Sammy Cahn, Saul Chaplin & Hy Zaret)
link 5. A Bicyclette (featuring: Julien Hervé)
(Francis Lai & Pierre Barouh)
link 6. Atardi
(Rudy Plaate, arranged by Randal Corsen)
link 7. Tennessee Waltz (featuring: Jeffrey Bruinsma)
(Redd Stewart & Pee Wee King)
link 8. Love Is A Beautiful Thing (featuring: Brian Zalmijn)
(Kim & Erwin Hoorweg)
link 9. Drop Me Off In Harlem
(Duke Ellington & Nick Kenny)
link 10. Lonely Town Lonely Walker
(Bill Withers)
link 11. Onder De Wuivende Palmen
(Jaap Valkhoff)
link 12. I Say A Little Prayer
(Burt Bacharach & Hal David)
link 13. A Place Called Home
(Shirma Rouse & Salle de Jonge)
link 14. One Love
(Bob Marley)